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Marsha N. N April 10, 2017
All my experiences were excellent...I will recommend her services to my friends and family.
Stephen H M April 10, 2017
zuser20150720184934551 July 23, 2016
I highly recommend Jared and Primary Residential! I was a first time homebuyer and new to the island, but I did my homework and know that Jared is the best! Primary Residential was one of 10 companies I considered, but after researching and conducting interviews (both phone and in-person), I narrowed it down to 3 companies. They were all very professional and experienced. What led me to Jared as the obvious choice was the combination of rates and lender credits that blew everyone else out of the water. Throughout all stages of the process, Jared was extremely professional and friendly, and always willing to meet up or explain certain processes. He made a potentially overwhelming and confusing process into something painless and efficient. Because of him, I was able to speed up the normal closing timeline from 50 to 35 days, allowing me to move in sooner! He consistently responded to emails or voicemails within the hour, which I really appreciated. Even 4 weeks after closing, he’s still answering my questions as fast as ever. Jared helped me decide when to lock in a rate (since rates fluctuate daily), and thanks to him, I got the lowest rate available within the 3 week window I had; the final closing costs were very close to the originally estimated closing costs, but lender credits were better than originally estimated, meaning I walked away with an excellent deal. Again, I highly recommend Jared!
ted 1231 March 11, 2015
Jared is a person who goes "beyond the call". As a former GTE Hawaiian Telephone employee, that was our slogan back in the day. He exudes professionalism in every way, every day. Working for a service oriented company like GTE, I know great service when I receive it. I have never experienced a financial per like Jared, where nothing is out of bounds, every question, insight and ask is open for discussion and not ignored.
yoboaya December 19, 2014
I received help from Jared to get a home equity loan and through the process, he constantly checked up on me. He is very professional, patient, friendly, and follows through quickly when needed. If there was another opportunity like this, I would ask for his assistance again.