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vgzone March 8, 2014
Jared Kato is one of those agents everyone wished they had but maybe didn't. It's often the case where you meet a lot of nice agents/officers, pleasant agents, but sometimes you meet agents who can get the job done but aren't particularly friendly or seem ingenuine. Well, why settle for less on one of the biggest purchase decisions of your life when you can get the whole package? I'm in the service, and although I had family on island, it wasn't exactly publicly disclosed at the time due to a lot of personal reasons. Jared treated me and my wife only in the best possible way we could have hoped for, and we were both fresh from the mainland, very tired from our move, so that really helped that he helped us along the way. The best part is that not only did he let me know when he could reduce our points, but he even called me to let me know when rates were going down (we never asked for that!). Even better, we took care of almost the entire process via email. WOW! The only time we showed up was a final day when we signed the papers. Bottom line is, this guy is out to help you. He does all the leg work, and you just show up to sign it after digitally catching up on all that lovely paperwork that the state and banks want. No corners cut in the whole process. Yeah, sounds too good to be true? Well, he may not be a super human, I'll give you that, and he may not be the loan officer Honolulu needs, but he is truly the real estate loan officer that every Hawaiian buyer deserves. I'll re-up with Mr Kato every time. PS: Their office validates parking, of course, and has a great garden you wouldn't expect on a Nth floor of a building, so the view is pretty cool! A small bonus on top of everything else. Sid and Mer in Mililani 96789
user065301 March 7, 2014
My husband and I worked with Nelson and his team on multiple transactions in a span of 11 years. We have never had any problems. It was the one part of the buying process that did not stress us out. Nelson was always patient with my endless questions and has a knack of simplifying complicated mortgage procedures to people not in the industry. To me, that is important because you want to understand what you are committing yourself to when you are talking large sums of money over a long period of time.
hawaiidash March 7, 2014
After having my mortgage with one of the major banks for more than 15 years I chose to refinance with Nelson and his team for several reasons. Among them: The lowest available rate, quick and responsive work and reliable, friendly and professional service. Additionally, knowing Nelson and his team are always just a single and LOCAL phone call away is of great comfort.
user1624670 March 6, 2014
Justin walked me step by step through the the process of structuring and closing my loan and made the experience very easy and stress free. Justin was easily accessible by phone, email, and meetings. He always gave me advance notice of what documents I needed so I never felt rushed or pressured. We kept in constant contact and he was able to answer any of my questions or concerns. I really appreciate how Justin kept my best interests in mind. He made sure I stayed within my means and didn't overextend myself. He showed me different loan structures and developed one that fit my needs. Justin always made sure I was comfortable with my decisions. Justin is a trustworthy, honest, and intelligent professional. I enjoyed working with Justin and highly recommend his services.
kyamauchi6 March 5, 2014
I refinanced my home several times with Primary Residential Mortgage because Nelson and his team made the whole process so easy! At first I was a little overwhelmed by all the paperwork and I had a lot of questions. When I called his office, his staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and they walked me through my concerns. When my documents were ready for signature, they accommodated my schedule for my convenience. I was kept apprised of the status of my loan at all times without even having to inquire. I really felt comfortable and confident that I was in good hands and still do. A couple of years after my first loan was complete, the rates dropped further and Nelson initiated a call to me with a brief assessment on how he could lower my payments!! He will be my lender for life!