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Scott N July 18, 2018
I know there were some hurdles to get the loan done, but Craig and his team was on it, and they kept us informed as much as they could. Thanks Craig for making the transition smooth! Scott Watanabe
Wesley K F July 18, 2018
Steven was very patient and helpful throughout the entire process. He explained everything clearly and I felt he was always looking out for my best interest.
Karen A July 17, 2018
Craig and his team, especially Kelsey, were very attentive to our needs and, best yet, they were always there to explain the entire process and where we are at each point in time. I know someone going through the exact same thing and, unfortunately, they did not go or know of Craig and his team. If they did, for sure, they would have gone with Craig. We both started our processes at the same time and they are still working on theirs with no light at the end of the tunnel and no communication.
Richard O. S July 5, 2018
We are very grateful for May. She has made our finances so much better that now I can breathe. We look forward to continuing to work with her.
Tiffany Uluihiokalani L July 6, 2018
May is very informative, efficient and listens to my concerns... she has been fantastic...!!